#SheDIDIT events

a safe space to share struggles, learn from others, focus on your growth and expand your network

What we got planned so far

Monthly workshops

The #SheDIDIT workshops are designed for an intimate group of (future) womenpreneurs with diverse roots to share experiences, struggles, insights,.. in a safe environment. The goal is to empower women by focussing on themes/topics that will encourage women to learn a new skill or gain new knowledge.  Always free.

Workshop 19 October
Workshop 9 November
Workshop 7 December

Our impact

#SheDIDIT was founded 🤍

& more organized events ever since

& more ladies signed up

goal: where diversity meets womenpreneurship

From my experience the #SheDIDIT platform brings women from diverse backgrounds together and highlights ambitious women with entrepreneurial dreams. I’ve walked away from each event with a new found passion to pursue my dreams and the resources to do it.”
— Myriam de Groef

Dive into our archive

Curious about the themes and type of events we’ve held since our start in 2018? Don’t forget to look up our amazing womenpreneurs speakers!

Opening #SheHUB

Our first concept store! Statietraat 139, Berchem
20 September 2022  –  Antwerp

Network: Business & Mental health

with Zarissa Windzak, Sarah Dimani, Hakima El Khattouti and Zaina De Beer
8 September 2022  –  Antwerp

Workshop: How to improve your negotiations skills

with Sana Afouaiz
7 June 2022  –  Online

Workshop: How to attract your first customers

with Mariama Balde
9 May 2022  –  Mechelen

Workshop: How to keep up with your bookkeeping

with Emmy Lee
7 April 2022  –  Antwerp

Workshop: How to prepare yourself for investors

with Fabrice do Regro
15 March 2022  –  Online


with 15 different womenpreneurs
8 March 2022 –  Antwerp

Workshop: How to make appealing content for customers

with Queenie Kessie
16 February 2022  –  Online

Workshop: Hoe maak je een sterk subsidiedossier

with Lien Warmenbol (#SheDIDIT)
25 January 2022 –  Online

Workshop: How to financially run your business

with Nour Asaad & Zaraï de Pelsmacker
9 December 2021  –  Ghent

Network/Workshop: Resolve your business struggles — from fear to freedom

with Dee van Zanden
10 November 2021  –  Antwerp

Workshop: building your website — an introduction to coding

with LeWagon Brussels
3 November 2021  –  Brussels

Workshop: Improve you boss lady mindset

with Lydie Amici
20 October 2021  –  Brussels

Network: the misconceptions of entrepreneurship

with Zahia Belkhiri, Raia Maria Laura and Mariama Balde
25 August 2021  –  Antwerp

Workshop: How to make your brand stand out

with Zineb Berrag
25 May 2021 – Online 

Workshop: Putting a price on your idea

with Ripsime Matevosian
24 March 2021 –  Online 

Workshop: finding your niche

with Judith Escalier
3 March 2021 –  Online 

Netwerk: the color of female entrepreneurship

With Jihad van Puymbroeck, Alba Pegja, Hawa Seck & Moenia Ladhib
09 December 2020 –  Online 

Coaching: vrouwelijke ondernemers - je roots zijn je sterkte

With Sally Ghannoum & Asli Bassozen i.s.m. Microstart
17 November 2020 –  Online 

Boeklancering: over ondernemerschap, jongeren en diversiteit

With Hanan Challouki, Naïma Lafrarchi, WeLoveBXL jongeren en #SheDIDIT
14 October 2020 –  Hybride

Coaching: Being a digital nomad: being an entrepreneur whenever, wherever

With Anaïs Bouzidi
9 September 2020 –  Online

Coaching: The secret of playing big - self-confidence & resilience

With Daria Nashat
27 May 2020 –  Online

Coaching: Getting your story together

With Halina Bletek
5 May 2020 –  Online

Coaching: Flip the switch - the success of hardship

With Hanan Challouki
15 April 2020 –  Online

Coaching: The why - turn your passion into a business

With Bouchra Al Mehraj
2 April 2020 –  Online

Coaching: Let's talk - onzekerheden bij het ondernemen

With Vida Razavi
11 March 2020 –  Antwerp

Coaching: Female diversity & entrepreneurship: against all odds

With Hadisa Suleyman
19 February 2020 – Brussels

Coaching: Social Entrepreneurship

Met Zehra Özmen
11 december 2019 – Antwerp

Netwerk: #SheDIDIT Slotevent

Met #SheDIDIT rolmodellen & Soraya Hayani, Katrin Van Den Troost, Yasmina Kichauat, Emmanuel Iyamu
22 November 2019 – Ghent

Coaching: Life hacks voor ondernemers

Met Baya Collective
22 Oktober 2019 – Antwerp

Coaching: 1,2,3 van ondernemen (ism Belfius)

Met Beko Karaj en Kevin Rentmeesters
4 September 2019 – Vilvoorde

Mentor: The story of becoming

Met Claudia Herrera, Hanan Challouki, Gita Van Den Boer, Mariam Harutyunyan en Yasmina El Messaoudi
19 June 2019 – Mechelen

Coaching: Haal het beste uit jezelf (+ iftar)

Met Bouchra Kastit
16 May 2019 – Antwerp

Coaching: work life & time management balance

Met Valerie Thys
4 April 2019 – Bruges

Netwerk: Sterke vrouwen aan het roer

Anouk Torbeyns, Nadia Aimé, Hadisa Suleyman en Aimee Mukunde
21 February 2019 – Antwerp

Coaching: How to pitch

Met Yulia Stark
12 February 2019 – Genk

Mentor: Living Library - experts speaking out

Met Christelle Pandanzyla, Cheryl Miller, Manon Acke en Aimée Mukunde
24 January 2019 – Brussel

Coaching: Vind je passie en drijfveer in het leven

Met Shadé Bankolé en Farah Bouguerra
11 December 2018 – Ghent

Netwerk: Big Launch #SheDIDIT

15 November 2018 – Antwerp

Coaching: Female Founders - being an entrepreneur is not always sexy

Met Amber Setta, Victoria Van der Steen en Fatma Cosar 
18 Oktober 2018  – Antwerp