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Workshop: A healthy money mindset

Workshop: A healthy money mindset

🎶 “Money over everything, money on my mind”

Is it though? How is your relationship towards money, do you live for it or with it? Having a healthy money mindset as a womenpreneur is important, it enables you to create a purposeful life and use money as a tool to do so. The currency itself isn’t the problem, the person holding or managing it is. During this workshop Karima will make you face your mindset, go down to the root of the issue and come up with solutions towards a healthy mindset. This means knowing how to use money for your business, but also not be afraid of making money. She will also guide you to understanding what your why or purpose is in life, and how money can contribute to it.

As Karima puts it “no on on their deathbed wishes they’d spent more time with money. Instead when people look back on their lives, they tend to regret not being true to themselves, losing touch with family and friends. Putting off their happiness because money became the end goal instead of a tool to be used.”⁠ Get your money mindset straight with this workshop!

👉🏼 Who is Karima El Moussaoui?

Karima is the Head Business Coach at #SheDIDIDT. As a seasoned business coach/entrepreneur, she’s coaches women to scale their business at MuslimaMakers. And also had her own online webshop ‘Noah & Sisi”. Her expertise lies in accounting, photography, e-commerce, podcasting and marketing.

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📅 When

12-12-23 @ 10:00 to
12-12-23 @ 12:00

📍 Where

Online event