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Inclusive incubator to support your entrepreneurial dream

Where diversity meets womenpreneurship

#SheDIDIT has been striving towards an inclusive space for diverse womenpreneurs since 2018. To create a brave space where women from all walks of life can develop their entrepreneurial skills, gain more confidence and create the future that fits their vision. Our mission is manifested through business coachings, access to knowledge and sharing a strong community network. Join us!

What can we do for you?


Group program for youngsters (15-26 years)


1-1 business coaching for (pre)starters


Inclusive, shared concept store in Antwerp

How to join our community

Monthly workshops

Gain new knowledge or skills through coaching sessions 

Networking events

Grow your network / surround yourself with like-minded womenpreneurs.

Follow us

Get to know us or stay updated via Instagram, Facebook or Linkedin.


Share your expertise in our open source database to get new clients/opportunities.


Experience entrepreneurship through our online digital space. (Coming soon)


Share your entrepreneurial journey with us and inspire others. Mail to

“#SheDIDIT was the push I needed to start my business. I hesitated for months, or years even. Once I started, I haven’t regretted a single moment of this beautiful journey.”

— Sarah, founder of Louz Beauty