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Only 2% of investments are made in female founders.

Time for a change.

#SheDIDIT has been striving towards an inclusive space for diverse womenpreneurs since 2018. Resulting in 1-1 business coaching, group programs, workshops, concept store, and so on. After 2,5 years of coaching up to 500 women, it became even more clear that access towards funding to launch or support their business still remained a significant obstacle.

Up until this point we actively worked together with existing organizations and institutions through partnerships, but the need for our #SheFUND grew bigger. Why?

  • the lack of diversity or cultural sensitivity in existing organizations/institutions
  • giving entrepreneurs their first experience with investments, in smaller ticket sizes
  • working on the confidence and investor readiness of a target group that is underfunded

Adding to internal factors, numbers such as only 2% of global investments are made in female owned businesses. Besides gender, factors like cultural background, access to info or education, societal obstacles, and so increase women’s disadvantage. 

By creating our own starting capital structure, it allows us to add new step to our coaching ecosystem: making sure our womenpreneurs have access to money. It’s time to close the funding gap.

#SheFUND is a rent-free loan system by #SheDIDIT in close collaboration with Funds For Good and microStart, fueled by the Foundation Roi Baudoin. An in-between the microcredits and bigger funds.

#SheFUND is the starting capital generator for female founders of colour. We make opportunities as equally spread as talent.

How it works


You have a business and in need of extra capital  (€1.000 – €10.000) to fund it.

You want to learn to keep track of your finances, know how to pitch your business.

You want to get business coaching and expand your network.

You …

  • are 18+
  • are an officially registered business
  • are an #SheMeansBusiness alumnus or willing to join the program
  • have a business and financial plan
  • see the future growth in your business as a goal


The #SheFUND is part of the #SheMeansBusiness trajectory (for current coachees or alumni). It’s a selection procedure with a pitch competition in December. A jury will choose which concepts will get a funding.

Why invest?


You can invest any amount, big or small + fiscal attest (private persons 40% – companies for accountancy).

You are supporting the dream of a target group that needs it, the societal impact is huge.

The opportunity to share your knowledge by becoming a mentor.

We guarantee professional selection and coaching for the womenpreneurs.

If you’re interested in investing in our womenpreneurs, please contact Lien Warmenbol (CEO & Director) via for more information.

Looking for starting capital, but not eligible for the #SheFUND? Please don’t hesitate to send us your case via We’ll be more than happy to guide you to the right tools and partners!