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Kérastase x #SheDIDIT come together to address the Confidence Gap

3 sessions in 2023

+100 mentees joined

82% felt more confidence

Benelux region

More than 1 in 2 women feel less confident than men*

The ‘Confidence Gap’ represents the difference in self-confidence between genders, where women often tend to have lower levels of confidence compared to men. This gap can manifest in various aspects of life, such as the workplace, education, and personal relationships. It might mean that women are more hesitant to voice their opinions, negotiate for better opportunities, or take on leadership roles due to self-doubt or societal expectations.

#SheDIDIT and Kérastase are united in their mission to support and empower young girls and women with diverse roots (18-35 years old) in BeNeLux region through our three-year joint initiative and collaboration: the Power Talks. A platform for discussions, mentoring, and support that uplifts and empowers. Through these efforts, the program intends to help women recognize their potential, build their self-esteem, and develop the skills and mindset needed to overcome the Confidence Gap and achieve their aspirations.

*Source: Kérastase international survey on more than 2,500 women in the USA, China, Brazil, UK and France, August 2022

The PowerTalks should feel like a group of friends + mentors (aka frentors) who want to help each other out. We’ll chat about skills, personal and career development and other stuff that matters, and by the end of it, you’ll feel super confident – and that will stick around! Trust us, it really is. Research shows women who get mentored feel 74% more self-confident.* There’s nothing quite like the boost of confidence that comes from imparting your skills and wisdom to others. How it works practically? 

  • For ladies between 18-35 years old 
  • Living in the Benelux region
  • In English & takes up about 1,5h of your evening (19h30-20h45)
  • Talks are hosted by a womenpreneur/mentor
  • Connect, share, exchange to grow in your confidence


The PowerTalks

Inez Hermes, Brand Business Leader Kérastase Benelux : “At Kérastase our mission goes further than to care for hair, we care for women. We want women to feel the strength and confidence to be able to unleash their full potential within their lives and their careers. Unfortunately, Kérastase research shows us that currently more than 50% of women rate themselves less confident than men* and this confidence gap has a big effect in how successful women can be in their careers. In Belgium less than 18% of companies, and less than 14% in the Netherlands have women in top management positions**.”

This is why Kérastase launched Power Talks initiative. Through partnerships with local expert non-profit organizations, they proudly commit to support mentoring programs for women, by women, to help young women grow their confidence.

“We found the ideal NGO partner in the Benelux to fight this confidence gap, #SheDIDIT. Together, we are partnering to offer an online mentoring program ‘Kérastase Power Talks x #SheDIDIT’, with the goal to boost women’s self-confidence and help them to achieve their aspirations and dreams. Our ultimate mission is to mentor as many women as possible in the years to come to narrow the confidence gap between men and women in the Benelux.”

**Source: Kérastase international survey on more than 2,500 women in the USA, China, Brazil, UK and France, August 2022. **Source: Global Gender Gap Index from World Economic Forum 2023

Ready to become your confident self?

Build a network of supportive frentors, gain more confidence and become a mentor by sharing your knowledge. Sign up for the session(s), we can’t wait to have you on board!

As a mentee, you should:

  • Be a girl or woman from the BeNeLux region.
  • Have a good understanding of English.
  • Be motivated to boost your self-confidence.
  • Be committed to personal growth and success.
  • Participate actively in the community.
  • Help and support fellow mentees.
  • Hold each other accountable for goals.
  • Be able to join as many sessions as possible (new sessions every 2 months).