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Creating an inclusive space for diverse womenpreneurs

where diversity meets womenpreneurship

A place where every women with a diverse cultural background can grow into her potential and develop more entrepreneurial skill. Welcome to #SheDIDIT. We offer a unique platform for talent across ethnic-cultural backgrounds. We highlight these women’s stories and skills, support them in realizing their projects or ideas and collect their expertise in an online Talentpool. It is for women born and raised in Belgium as well as those recently call Belgium their new home. It is for women who establish themselves as entrepreneurs, young potential and upcoming talent.

Entrepreneurship can be broadly defined and is practiced by many diverse women. Also women with diverse cultural background who are often never asked to the table, while there are plenty of them! On the one hand, we want to paint a realistic picture of who an entrepreneur is in todays divers Belgium. On the other hand, we also want to show society who these ladies are, sometimes big unknown group of women. We’re opening the door for more inclusion, expanding networks and interesting conversations.
At #SheDIDIT we don’t simply inspire, but we’re here to take the step with you through our monthly workshops, #SheMeansBusiness and #SheDIDIT Youthpreneurs.

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🙌🏼 How to join our community

Monthly workshops

Gain new knowledge or skills through coaching sessions 

Networking events

Grow your network with like-minded womenpreneurs.


Share your expertise in our open source database.


Share your entrepreneurial journey with us and inspire others.


Experience entrepreneurship through our online digital space. (Coming soon)


Join our crew of helping hands. (Coming soon)