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where diversity meets womenpreneurship

#SheDIDIT has been on a mission since 2018 to create an inclusive space for diverse womenpreneurs. We’re a Belgian-based non-profit focused on women from diverse cultural backgrounds interested in becoming entrepreneurs or already being one. By offering different coaching programs, access to workshops & networking events, and a supportive community, we aim to support women in achieving their dreams. As an inclusive incubator and accelerator supporting female founders, we’re working towards a space where diversity meets womenpreneurship.

More backstory: You might be wondering: why the focus on women from diverse cultural backgrounds? As an entrepreneur herself, our founder Lien saw how women of color (WoC) had less access to the traditional playing field for entrepreneurs. The talent wasn’t lacking, nor their motivation, yet WoC had limited access to coaching, a network, knowledge, or entrepreneurial organizations.

When we started in 2018, we focused on ‘the image of an entrepreneur’ through the power of storytelling. By sharing stories and role models, we quickly grew our community. Through challenging the status quo, we aspired to create more seats at a traditional table, but it wasn’t big enough. We made our own, and seats will never run out.

Today, we offer a wide range of services to support and coach women in different stages of their entrepreneurial journey. We tackle the (un)known barriers and work on achieving goals; we focus on business and personal growth. Diversity is seen as a strength, not a threshold. Why not use tools and motivations from different perspectives/cultures to strengthen your belief as an entrepreneur? Even though we focus on a niche audience, that doesn’t mean that other women are automatically eliminated. Everyone is welcome if they align with our mission.

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Lien Warmenbol (Founder & Director)+324 99 35 57 66


#SheHQ, Statiestraat 5, 2600 Berchem