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Business group program for youth (15-30 years old).

+ 400 youngsters since January '21

10 weeks / Bootcamps / Summerschool / Workshops

Antwerp & Brussels

Dutch & French

The place for entrepreneurial talent

Youthpreneurs is the leisure program aimed at young people with diverse cultural backgrounds between the ages of 15 and 30 with an entrepreneurial dream. These are young individuals who discover and utilize their talents, passions, and skills to shape their own future. These ambitious youngsters look for growth, and within Youthpreneurs, there are various options available: (1) participate in a program, (2) organizing a workshop, (3) becoming a board member, or (4) using the #SheHQ spaces to experiment on their own.

In addition to a Youthpreneurs program, young people can grow to #SheMeansBusiness (1-1 coaching) or #SheHUB (concept store) to sell their products/services.

Our program is divided into 10-week sessions (10 x Sundays), a 3-day weekend, or a 1-week Summerschool. All aspects of entrepreneurship are covered in these workshops: mindset, concept development, finances, marketing & branding, … ending in a pitch to a jury of entrepreneurs. We turn dreamers into doers! 

A picture is worth a thousand words...

An overview of (most) of the Youthpreneurs and their business during the pitch day.

How did the Youthpreneurs experience their trajectory? Listen to their voices!

Relive the pitchdays where the girls present their idea before a jury of entrepreneurs.

Or stay updated via Instagram!

3 years Youthpreneurs: a reflection

On January 7, 2021, Youthpreneurs was launched. At that time, #SheDIDIT had been around for almost three years, and we had met many talented young women who needed coaching. We wanted to fulfill this need using various methodologies and our vision of entrepreneurship. The result was Youthpreneurs, and in 2023, we looked back on three years! In the document, we take you through the founding story, the personal growth of our youth, the numbers, and much more. As a reader or potential Youthpreneur it gives you an insight into our world where we focus on turning dreamers into doers.






How does a trajectory look like? Depending on your trajectory some topics might be addressed more in depth or less.

Ateliers by youngsters

Another way to continue stimulating Youthpreneurs is through the monthly workshops. These are workshops given by and for Youthpreneurs. The young person acts as a coach and shares knowledge on specific topics, such as how to create a vision board or what content marketing entails. The workshops stem either from a business idea or from their own (other) interests. We provide the young person with the necessary tools and support to organize a workshop and experiment with the content. After all, young people are known for trying out all sorts of things, making each workshop different!

Ready to become a Youthpreneur?

Once you’ve signed up, your coach will contact you via Whats’App. Please keep in mind that it might take a while if your trajectory starts later than the first one up.

Reminder: If you’re interested in Brussels, please select ‘Stay updated on Brussels’ when asked about which program you’d like to join.

Team of coaches

Harisonne Meert

Harisonne has graduated in Media and Entertainment Business. She's a burst of energy and a social butterfly who loves being creative. Helping people with their personal development is important to her. She's the perfect match for a Youthpreneurs coach, assisting young people in brainstorming ideas or refining their business concepts

Iman Hussein

Iman has a background in Creative Marketing & Sales and is currently pursuing her master's in Conflict & Development. She is the beauty and the brains behind 'Malabskin,' an African-inspired skincare brand. What drives Iman? Seeing young people grow and thrive, helping them make a difference, bringing out the best in themselves, and showcasing their potential.

The full team