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Workshop retail: to pop up or not?

Workshop retail: to pop up or not?

šŸ’­ About the workshop
The landscapeĀ in retailĀ is broad and can be challenging, there are different types of stores that could be implemented in your retail strategy, but which one is the perfectĀ fit? During this workshop, we will dive into the different forms in retail, such as conceptstores, pop up stores, your own store, or maybe a webshop is the better fit for you? All these kinds of types, could make an impact on your retail strategy and how the clients experience your business. On top of theĀ theoretical approaches, Radhika Singh, the founder of Indikon, will share her experience as a business owner in retail industry and how she experienced it to develop different projects in the retail landscape.Ā 

āœØ About ZaraĆÆ De Pelsmacker
ZaraĆÆ is the SheHUB manager and is responsible for the operation of the concept store. The SheHUB opened its doors in September 2022, and after a successful year and a half, it’s time to share this expertise with others. In addition to her retail expertise, ZaraĆÆ also has a background in finance and guiding startups.

The #SheDIDIT workshops are online, interactive sessions in small groups. We always make time for your questions/cases and moments to connect. The focus is on exchanging expertise and helping you further. Don’t forget to register!


šŸ“… When

25-04-24 @ 19:30 to
25-04-24 @ 21:30

šŸ“ Where

Online event